Thinking about privacy is vital if you are going to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools well.

Privacy is a starting point for responsible use of AI tools.
AI refers to computer systems that do tasks which seem like intelligent behaviour, such as finding patterns or categorising. This includes generative AI tools, as well as other systems that interpret data or automate tasks. We want to make it easy for you to know the potential privacy risks associated with AI and what our expectations are.

Our starting point is that the Privacy Act applies to everyone using AI tools in New Zealand.  The Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) set out legal requirements on how you collect, use, and share personal information. Before using these tools, you need to understand enough about how they work to be confident you are upholding the IPPs. The best way to do this is to do a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) before you start, and to update it regularly.

Read the Privacy Commission's guidance on Artificial Intelligence and the IPPs

Source: Office of the Privacy Commissioner, 21 Sep 2023