A significant global shift is underway, encompassing culture and technology, wherein individuals are increasingly valuing their privacy and taking steps to safeguard it.

Shedding light on this evolving landscape, the IAPP presents its inaugural Privacy and Consumer Trust report, providing crucial insights into how consumers worldwide perceive privacy and the companies entrusted with their data.

At its core, this comprehensive report delves into the thoughts and emotions surrounding privacy, a profoundly personal and fundamental legal right:

  • How concerned are individuals about their online privacy?
  • How does it influence their behaviors, such as phone usage, web browsing, and purchasing decisions?
  • What are people's general opinions on privacy and data protection laws like the EU General Data Protection Regulation?
  • Can consumers discern which companies adhere to robust privacy practices?
  • And how do individuals respond when their data is compromised in a breach?

The ultimate aim of this report is to provide answers to these pressing questions and beyond.

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