Marketing is the most important initiative for a company wanting to achieve strong business growth. Without it, you can have the best customer service and the most amazing products around but no one will know about your offer or why they should choose you.

A strong marketing programme requires significant investment that some business owners may think would be better used somewhere else. However, marketing is integral to business growth and ultimately higher levels of success. It increases sales, builds your brand, showcases your products and point of difference, spreads awareness and strengthens relationships with customers.

Let’s take a closer look at these key areas where marketing can enhance your offer and lead to business growth.

Building a Strong Brand

You may have heard this from us before but it is critical to understand exactly how important brand is. A brand is one of, if not the, most important assets that a business can have. A brand is what makes you different, it is the reason why customers choose you in the first place and then return again and again. It builds an emotional connection with your customers and lays the foundation for success and business growth. If you would like help building your brand, download the Energise Brand Guide to get started on your brand journey realignment.

Spreading Awareness

While very important to any business, word of mouth can only take you so far. Most businesses experience a period of organic growth where consumers who have had positive experiences spread the word to friends, colleagues and family. Relying solely on this to achieve business growth will never allow your business to reach its full potential. We are not saying to disregard word of mouth altogether – particularly in the digital world where people increasingly rely on reviews to help them make a purchase decision. But marketing will grow awareness of your business beyond your existing circles and put you in touch with untapped segments of the market.

Increasing Sales

Marketing is ultimately what drives sales. Not only is it effective in spreading awareness, but a comprehensive marketing programme that showcases your products and strengthens your brand could be what convinces prospective customers to choose you over a competitor. Marketing keeps your brand top of mind, drawing customers in and finally leading them to purchase.

Showcasing Your Products and USP

The most efficient and effective way to educate consumers on how your products or services meet their needs is – you guessed it – marketing. Once you’ve pinpointed your unique selling point (USP) marketing is the best way to let people know what makes your offer better than your competitor’s in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Strengthening Relationships

Engaging customers in a meaningful way is the first step to building a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship. Marketing keeps working even when you’re not. It lets you keep your customers informed of new products or services, special offers, interesting company news or information that can benefit them. Reach out regularly and make your customers feel valued whether you are talking to them through digital advertising, regular email or a TV advert. The goal here is to build brand loyalty leading to repeat purchases and passionate advocates.

Exactly how important is marketing for business growth?

Marketing is THE most important activity you can do to achieve business growth. Markets are more competitive than ever, saturated with companies trying to build a success story. There are so many good ideas that never secured a foothold in the market because they were launched without a comprehensive marketing plan to support the business concept. Often the key to success is not a revolutionary product feature but how you communicate your offer to the consumer.

If you don’t know how to start marketing for business growth, a good Marketing Consultant who is briefed on your product or service can take the load off your shoulders. Contact us here at Energise to see how we can help you.