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Data Transformation, Data Hunches, and VoC

The Marketing Association’s CX Special Interest Group share their thoughts on three key sessions...

How to Align your Brand and Customer Experience

Customers aren’t just looking for products and services, they’re looking for an experience. The...

The Datamine Guide to Loyalty Programmes

Reviewing or rescuing a Loyalty Programme? Datamine has a checklist! Running a loyalty programme is...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Retention

Retaining customers is more important now than ever before. This paper outlines a robust approach...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Insights

While many organisations have expected that consistent data collection and closer collaboration...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Segmentation

This paper outlines a robust approach to developing customer segmentation. If you make a product,...

Customer Privacy: The journey from compliance to customer trust

Why should marketing play a role in managing privacy in an organisation? It’s boring, complex and...

Disruptors or the disrupted: Customer obsession and the keys to growth

Putting the customer at the heart of a business is not a new construct. But it’s a skill that now...

Understanding behaviour with data analytics

Antony Ede shares how organisations can use the vast amounts of data at their fingertips to truly...

Harnessing the power of habits

Think back to how you started your morning. When you were getting ready, did you have to think...

A cheat's guide to the COM-B behaviour change model

The COM-B model boils behaviour (B) down to three core components; capability (C), opportunity (O),...

UX Journeys: Jetstar’s UX Lead Max Ricca

Over the coming months, we’ll be catching up with some of Melbourne’s UX Leaders about how they got...

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