Introducing FAST FIVES

The regulations we must follow in our daily marketing activities are often hidden in the depths of massive documents. To make it worse they're often written in a complicated legal language which is foreign to our keep it simple, "plain English" copy mentality.

So the Marketing Association is introducing FAST FIVES, a series of videos backed by easy to read, easy to understand, basic rules to help marketers when preparing a promotion or campaign.

FAST FIVES (sponsored by the Name Suppression Services) will cover areas like online promotions, ASA codes, copyright rules etc. We will add to them on a regular basis

Introducing Fast Fives: with Keith Norris, Marketing Association.

FAST FIVE:Gender (and other harmful) stereotyping in ads.

with Claire Hofer, Advertising Standards Authority

Gender (and other harmful) stereotyping in ads, with Claire Hofer, Advertising Standards Authority.

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