The Privacy Commission has just released an update on progress towards a Privacy code for Biometrics. So what, you may ask….I’m a marketer, why should a code of practice on biometrics privacy interest me?

Well, quite simply because the initial discussion paper released by the Privacy Commission proposed a complete ban on the use of biometrics in marketing! The first draft of the code is to be released in early 2024, and at this early stage I don’t know whether a ban would seriously inhibit our ability to enhance the customer experience. But what I do know is that a proposing a total ban on the use of new technology in marketing could be the thin end of the wedge. Once a concept like this is embedded in legislation it tends be accepted as the new norm and bureaucrats look for other areas to adopt similar restrictions.

How would a ban on the use of biometrics in marketing be likely to affect us?. At this stage I have no idea. `Marketing’’ has not even been defined in early discussion documents, so even that might be an issue which demands our attention. But, my recommendation to you is to stay in touch with this issue, don’t let inhibiting regulation creep up on the industry without expressing an opinion. You can read the Privacy Commission releases here.

Written By -  Keith Norris, Compliance Consultant, Marketing Association