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Battle of the Titans: Google vs Microsoft in AI-Powered Search

Hi team, The big news in digital marketing must be the product developments and announcements from...

The Rise of ChatGPT: What it Means for Your Website's Search Traffic

What's going on:  If we look at how technological change occurs, it's often the original...

How ChatGPT Could Change the Game for Publishers and Search Traffic

I hope you've been well through all this crazy weather we've been having! It's a turbulent time and...

Why is Chat GPT So Popular?

Today I'd like to talk about ChatGPT. In case you haven't heard of it, ChatGPT is a publicly...

How To Create a Landing Page That Converts

Although a lot of our work is optimising our client's websites for search engines, we must always...

2023 Predictions - Digital & Search Marketing

Forced migration to GA4 increasing complexity in the reporting/analysis space

YouTube vs TikTok

YouTube is powering up to attract content creators and advertisers - Will the attention follow? In...

Anti-Trust Bills & The Future of Search Marketing

A new bipartisan proposal takes aim at Google and would force it to break up its digital...

Relief for Media in sight as Legislators & Big Tech Continue to Grapple

So Australia bought in the News Media Bargaining Code last year. Off the back of that legislation,...

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