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Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Code of Practice for Distribution of Unaddressed Mail

The unaddressed mail distribution industry, represented by the Marketing Association, has developed...

Digital Humans; the rise of non-human interactions.

Interesting to hear non-human interactions are going to be 85% by 2025. What is today's percentage?

How to create a data-driven strategy to fire up your business

We are now living in a world that is increasingly driven by data thanks to the emergence of digital...

Cyber Security - How to protect yourself

In this digital age, the harsh reality is if you're doing business online, you're a target for...

Why you need to innovate to stay ahead

Technology is the driving force behind this need for innovation. We’re in the midst of a digital...

A Complaint from the ASA – Don’t Panic!

In any robust process, a set of standards is accompanied by a complaints procedure. Along with...

Advice from three of NZ’s top marketers – How to get ahead of the curve

On 21 February 2019 the MA’s Strategic Marketing special interest group hosted a panel discussion...

6 top tips for social media success

At realestate.co.nz we use our social platforms to understand more about the property hunting...

Influencer Marketing in NZ

In a fast-moving digital battleground, it's no secret this year will have its fair share of...

Influencer Marketing Knowledge Bites Event Re-Cap

My presentation shed light on the current state of the industry in New Zealand, alongside Olivia...

How to ensure your influencers are influential

Influencer marketing harks back to the 1800s, but thanks to the power of YouTube, Facebook and...

'Digital' and 'Content' - buzzwords that must die?

  "These days, it's is all about digital content" I hear this on a daily basis.

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