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What to consider when creating your next job brief

Top 10 factors to consider when creating your next job brief Are you looking to hire someone new...

Five possible solutions to the talent shortage

Not everything bad was caused by the pandemic... The talent shortage is strangling just about every...

UX Journeys: Jetstar’s UX Lead Max Ricca

Over the coming months, we’ll be catching up with some of Melbourne’s UX Leaders about how they got...

Qualities that make exceptional PR professionals in today’s world

Blog post by Ruby Celine, Country Director, Malaysia There’s never been a more interesting time to...

The momentous change; learning and development in the workplace 2022

Key takeaways from the LinkedIn 2022 learning report (The transformation of L&D)

How to beat the CV bots: everything you need to know about applicant tracking systems

The job-searching process can be a tedious and confusing time for anyone looking to secure...

5 social media tools for insightful marketing that you can start using today

In 2022, a crucial determining factor in the success of your business is social media marketing. It...

10 tips on how to make an online portfolio

Don’t underestimate just how important your online presence is. Potential employers will most often...

4 CV Tips for Ecommerce & Digital Marketers

I recently posted to offer out CV advice and was quite overwhelmed with the response. The feedback...

Post, share, avoid: Things you should never do on social media

You’d be surprised at how much people judge someone based on their social media profile – potential...

Top tips on how to kickstart your eCommerce career in 2021

In today’s world, we have seen many rapid changes, one of which is the fast and continuous growth...

Self-care tips for working from home

Working from home? Here are some simple but effective ways to take care of yourself. Simple...

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